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I Luv Sushi

This is a sushi story:

Saturday dawned bright and beautiful. ‘Twas enough so to lift spirits up out of the potholes and above the snow banks on Mollins Dr. A hearty breakfast of Nelly Omelette provided the energy needed to empty the garage of recyclables and shovel off the garage roof, run grocery and hospital visitation errands, get the car washed (made me happy for 20 minutes), visit the Cedar Crest Market and get ready for a phenomenal meal with our niece, Ellen. Ellen got off work at the Delta Hotel at 3:30. We were there to greet and wisk her off across King Street to Take Sushi for late lunch/early supper. What a pig-out! Great food. Easy atmosphere. There was plenty for take home and that means I can’t wait for lunch tomorrow 🙂

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