Whimsical weekend with my wife

We celebrated Monica’s birthday and thirty years of marriage in a place we didn’t expect to be but one that brings such fond memories of our past that being here again now for our anniversary was nostalgically wonderful. This trip definitely goes down in history as the perfect getaway and adds to our collection of wonderful East Coast Memories. We really had a great time. We explored some familiar and some new places hand in hand, we laughed, we loved, we ate great food and drank fine wine. And it was a beautiful clear 33 degrees all four days. Here is a 30-year flashback from then to now. See if you can spot the differences.

honeymoon on Campobello 1984Happy 30th Babe

on ferry to Deer Island taking photo out car window 1984   on the ferry taking a photo out the car window - 30 years later

It all started with a planned trip to Ireland for our 30th. The flights were bought, hotels and bus tour booked and we were nearly ready to pack the suitcases. At the last minute we cancelled everything. It just didn’t feel right going that far away at a time when we should stay close to Dad. Ireland will still be there next year, Babe.

Instead, Monica and I booked an impulse getaway to Portland for one night (where we met friends travelling to Boston to see Lady Gaga) and two nights at the Island View Inn between Camden and Rockland. Good choice. The off-season rates were fantastic, we got some great deals shopping, enjoyed the incredible grounds and pool at the Island View Inn, exchanged romantic cards and clinked our glasses together to celebrate us. I could write pages and pages but I think a picture is worth a thousand words in this case. So, here is the photo journal of our weekend trip to Maine.


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