Break Time

Don’t you just love getting a break. Hope you had one. Any break is good – so long as you know “it’s a break” and you got it. March Break! Coffee Break! Spring Break! Vacation Break! Take a Break 🙂

If you could use one right now, come take a quick break with me. I know… let’s break something (heehee).. Let’s (wait for it)… break some glass! … what fun! and be careful of your fingers 🙂

Had a wonderful day on this warm (+6) sunny Saturday in March in Saint John. tapping under score to crack and break offEven got some chores done around the house today (refundables disposed of, drain spout reattached after ice storm, Pinotage wine kit started, Sarah off to Cuba) and best of all, had time to break some background glass for the Schiffer Villa panel. Read more about it under Projects/Schiffer Villa Panel.

Sarah got off to Cuba today after a whirl wind tour 2-days home from Alberta. It is so wonderful to see her and …she’s gone again… Cuba! Sun! Sand! ….and dos cervazas, por favor. Can’t wait for the stories when she returns. It should be legen… (wait for it)… dary!

Monica and I enjoyed this day. I broke glass for 6 hours, in between chores and the to-dos with Sarah. Breaking glass is such good therapy. You can fee itl through your fingers and forearms: the snap of the glass as it breaks under pressure. A clean break is such a joy…every time! Of course, sometimes the glass doesn’t break the way you want it to. It breaks the way it wants to! That let’s you know where you stand 🙂 breaks do happen - stupid breaks

Halfway through my day, I decided to “take a break” (love that) and hang the new Mayan calendar art I got in Mexico. I will always remember Monica buying it for me at Tulum. She bargained a good price.

Mayan calendar with Time Carrier

And the Wall of Masks is complete The Wall of Masks

The evening looks promising too; we are starting the HBO series “True Dectectives” with Matthew McConaughey and Woddy Harrelson. I don’t know what she sees in him but Monica loves Matthew McConaughey……….. whatever.

Hope you enjoyed a beak recently. I certainly enjoyed breaking with you. Cheers, Nelson.

Author: nellyglass

Stained Glass Artist

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