A drive in the country with Dad

Monica and I went to Havelock today to visit Dad. The weather was foggy but we didn’t mind. We took a nice drive through Berwick to Bellisle and  saw geese and foxes. Then to Mama George’s for dinner. For a little guy he can sure pack in the food…he destroyed a pizza and onion rigs (well, I helped with the rings) and then strawberry shortcake. After dinner we stopped for a visit with Leigh and Marlene at the cottage and then back home to Havelock. Mom’s roses are blooming and the sun came out just as we returned to the house. Great day with Dad. So nice to see him every chance we get.

Back in Saint John, Mon and I enjoyed a glass of wine and watch TV into the evening. The perfect end to the perfect day on our 29th anniversary…and the peonies are just starting to bloom in our garden.

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