What a Great Day – this only happens once every 90 years.

Uncle Bill’s 90th birthday reception in Havelock was a resounding success, despite the rain. He looks wonderful for 90. The rest of us should be so lucky. There must have been nearly 200 people there to wish him well. It was so wonderful to see all my cousins and many of the towns folk who came to see him. Some people I had not seen in 40 years!  Uncle Lee, Aunt Vesta, Tom Burgess and Mort Mills sang some great old tunes on stage and we also sang Happy Birthday to Dad on this, his 87th birthday. After the reception, the family (30 or more) went to the Ridge Restaurant for Roast Beef dinner. Cousin Sharon baked a little chocolate cake for Dad. Was it ever special to watch him blow the candle out.

This was a happy day. I am forever grateful that I have such a great family. And, as we took Dad home for the evening, we noticed Mom’s rose is starting to bloom by the side of the house.

Author: nellyglass

Stained Glass Artist

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