Mother’s Day – a photo journal

Great Weekend:

Nice to have Ryan and Sarah home for the trip to Havelock to meet with John, Delberta, Liz and Ellen where we picked up Dad and went to the Havelock Greenhill Cemetery for Mom’s Internment Service.  Then off to the ridge restaurant for a family lunch. Lots of laughs and memories around the table. Made the rounds to the cemeteries to visit all Mothers and then a peaceful drive home. The rain held off perfectly.

Home for cocktails and movies. Watched Game of Thrones with Ryan while Sarah went out (shopping). To bed early and up early to start breakfast. Sarah and Ryan gave Monica a beautiful set of deck chair cushions. Then we all had a great family breakfast after which, the kids did the dishes and then Ryan and I hung Monica’s new family room curtains.

Mon and I went out on an errand run at noon to get her quilt binding pick-up, Walmart for the lounge cushion to match the chairs, Costco for steaks, Sobeys for lobster and NBLC for Chardonnay and Cab-Merlot. Sounds like a party in the planning.

Rainy afternoon watching movies and then a big Surf-n-Turf supper with all of us raising a glass to Monica on this special day.

One reply on “Mother’s Day – a photo journal”

What a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend….so blessed….and I miss your Mum…I always felt so loved by her <3…she was a wonderful Mother in Law!!

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