stained glass

Blogging – who knew?

Seriously, I have talked about it with other instructors at NBCC during the Teaching with Technology course, but I never really intended to commit to it. Strangely, it’s missing something; other people.Guess that’s why they call it social media.

I am really enjoying WordPress. I encourage you to try it out. It’s free 🙂

3 replies on “Blogging – who knew?”

Nelse, your blog is super! I love the name and going through each one of your projects, seeing the pictures and the end result is a real art lesson. Your patience and the work involved is intense. You have a real talent with art and I can see you will surely enjoy retirement some day and who knows, maybe even open up a shop! I will surely enjoy following your blog. Cheers, Mae

Thank you Mae. So good of you to say those nice words. I do love working with stained glass and with every piece I like to think who might enjoy this someday. Family is special to me and Monica so we hope some of the pieces stay close. Good to hear from you. Miss you as always.

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