Natural Elements

pattern with pieces ready to foil

Early in the 2020 new year, I tackled a project that I had designed some time ago but didn’t make. It sat on the shelf ever since…calling to me. So I finally gave in and am so glad I did! It has everything I love about stained glass:

  • A “lots to see” quality to carry the eye
  • The full color spectrum
  • A variety of clear textures
  • Small piece work (210 in total)

Although originally planned as a large piece, I sized it small (8″×25″) so I could move it around to almost any window in the house 😉

With all those little pieces, it was nose to the grindstone for many happy hours in the studio. Foiling, equally as intense, required constant additional grinding as the pattern tightened under foil. I soldered on a stormy Sunday in mid January, cozy in my studio, listening to the elements raging outside. ❄

I loved this project. Once I started, I couldnt stop. I felt a creative force all around and flowing through me. So, I used the force! It felt… natural, like I was in my element (🙄 couldn’t resist that).

Thank you for reading. May I present:

Natural Elements