Moose Island Green

Friend and former colleague at NBCC in St. Andrews, Alicia MacDonald, contacted me to commission a Christmas gift for her husband, Ryan. She sent me a photo of the space over their wine closet and some general idea topics for consideration.

One of Ryan’s passions is golf. Alicia told me the story of how, years ago, Ryan helped design and develop a small private course at Moose Island near Beaver Harbour, NB. She shared how important a time that had been in their lives and how the experience helped shape their future. Perfect subject matter! The photo with the rainbow was the only one she had to work with. However, for such a long narrow space, I needed to stretch it out. So, I researched this location on Google Earth to get a better sense of the landscape. I tried to imagine standing there looking out over the greens with Moose Island to the right. This is the approved design:

I proceeded to spend two very enjoyable weeks in the studio. Wonderful memories of my years working at NBCC drifted around my head as the panel came together nicely. The colors were expressive and I was pleased. I hoped Ryan would be too, on Christmas morning. It was joyous and nostalgic to reconnect with Alicia since those days in St. Andrews. Her passion for life, art and her husband is impelling and I was truly delighted to make this panel for them.

Merry Christmas, Alicia and Ryan.

Here is Moose Island Green in the light.