King Square Bandstand

One of Saint John’s most iconic city structures is the King’s Square Bandstand. With its upper deck band platform, lower deck fountain and filigree wrought iron trim, it really attracts attention and draws the eye through the stately park. Dating to 1908, it was gifted to the city by the Saint John Coronet Band and even has the little brass coronet at the top of the spire.

For this project, I designed the panel as an elongated oval to set it apart from other panels. Later I mused at the irony of that (a square as an oval). Then I chose a summertime pallet with shots of color to represent the flower beds. Monica and I love strolling through the square at any time of year, and summer is my favorite.

This was a wonderful project, one that was conceived and created entirely for my pleasure but with the intention of selling. I hope whoever acquires it also has fond memories of walking through the uptown city park. I will appreciate this beautiful bandstand even more in the future whenever I pass by and remember the happy time in my studio.

Thank you for reading. May I present the King’s Square Bandstand.


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