Geo Trio

I have a shoe box in my studio filled with pieces of beveled glass of various sizes and shapes. Sometimes, when I’m between projects (and restless), I will sort through it and imagine possible designs. That always lifts my spirits. This time, with pencil in hand, the design stuck to the paper and… voila, I had myself a project.

I arranged three different clusters of bevels (triangles, circles and squares) in a verticle design of 8″x20″.  Then I chose all clear textures for the background… no color to distract the eye. In total, there are 50 pieces of glass and 23 of them are bevels.

I especially like geometry in designing. I spent some time playing with several potential designs before I chose this one. That was time well spent (as in good therapy). Even now when I look at the finished piece, the geometry takes me to other possibilities. I love when art does that! I also love the way those gorgeous bevels catch the light and throw a spectrum when the sun shines.

Thanks for reading. I present to you a Geo Trio: