Cardinals for Caroll Ann

My good friend and long time co-worker at NBCC, Caroll Ann Bartlett, is retiring and wanted something glassy as her gift for 21 years of service. Caroll Ann was the first person to welcome me when I joined the college team in 1998 and she always had my back over the years. I was delighted and honored to make something for her retirement.

Caroll Ann had a vision in mind and worked with me to produce an original pattern of a pair of cardinals sitting in a birch tree. She chose a lovely pink/green “fracture glass” for the background which gives the illusion of foliage in the distance. The design also allows for the extension of the background glass into the border by placing a small background piece between each beveled clear piece. This carries the eye around the panel and breaks the starkness of an all clear border.

In the end it turned out beautiful and I was proud to present it to Caroll Ann at my house. It was wonderful to see her again and to wish her a very happy retirement.