New word!! 😁

This was the third commission from friend and faithful patron, Kevin Carpenter. It called for something elegant to grace the upper portions of three tall windows in his living room. His familiar design request was to incorporate the colors green and purple and the initials K & K (for Kevin and Karla). I felt a little nostalgia setting in with this commission, and alot of excitement over the challenge.

The pattern, sized @ 19″x19″, is identical for all three panels except for the center of the middle panel. I used beveled fleur-de-lis in the outer two panels and beveled rectangles to make the facing Ks (similar toΒ 230 Princess Street) for the central panel. Then I incorporated more border bevels plus the green and purple strips against a clear ‘glue chip’ background for a frosted look. The repetition of pattern and the use of all those bevels = Bevelegance!

It was a pleasure to deliver these panels to Kevin and Karla and catch us up briefly on our lives lately. It was even more a pleasure to see these panels hanging in their stately and elegant living room. I especially like how the clear textured glass allows maximum light into the room. My connection to this house grows stronger. 😊

These ‘key moment’ photos capture the process of creating Bevelegance from start to finish (installed shots courtesy of Kevin).

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