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A Long Journey

I had some beautiful sheets of baroque glass tucked away for one of those special “someday” projects. I rediscovered it during the COVID pandemic of 2020. After 2 months of self isolation, we were all anxious to “get out” and I just needed some creative escapism… something a bit different. The design concept is that of a lonely traveller on a path to destiny, head down, not knowing how much further or how long it will take. Rather symbolic of life in this strange new reality.

Baroque glass has swirls of clear and color giving a sense of fluid motion. It comes in every color, but for this project I chose only burgundy and beige. Unlike all other projects, I did not create a paper pattern for this one. Instead, I let the lines in the glass speak for themselves and made as few cuts as possible. Such beautiful glass!

I love this piece as it invites the imagination to embellish the story. I connect with it even more deeply as an artist; head down and driven forward. Destiny awaits.

Thank you for reading. This is A Long Journey:

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